A More Light Congregation

Bethany Presbyterian Church

This Week in Worship

Centering Prayer

After he was baptized by John, Jesus went by himself to the wilderness where he was tempted.  For forty days in the desert, Jesus was tempted to become relevant, spectacular, and powerful. Today, we begin to journey with Jesus through the season of Lent, which brings us to face some of our own weaknesses and temptations. Let us worship God and walk the journey together,  seeking the spirit as our guide and companion along the way.

Call to Worship

ONE: Lent calls us to journey, this and every day, following Jesus wherever he leads us.

ALL: Lent calls us to journey: to the place where God covenants with us, to receive the new names we are given.

ONE: Lent calls us to worship together, to tell future generations the good news.

ALL:  Lent calls us to practice justice, to bring God's hope to all people.

ONE: Lent calls us to faithful living, to trust the One who gives us life.

ALL:  Lent calls each of us to take up our cross, to trust the One who bears it with us.

ONE: Lent calls us to journey with God.

ALL:  Let us worship God, who walks with us, this and every day.

Lenten Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, pierce my soul with your love so that I may always long for you alone, who are the bread of angels and the fulfillment of the soul's deepest desires.  May my heart always hunger and feed on you, so that my soul may be filled with sweetness in your presence. May my soul thirst for you, who are the source of life, wisdom, knowledge, light, and all the riches of God our Creator.  May I always seek and find you, think about you, speak to you and do everything for the honor and glory of your name.  Be always my hope, my peace, my refuge and help, in whom my heart is rooted so that I may never separate from you.

Call and Response


Response Hymn #626

Preparation for the Word Hymn #155

February 18, 2018

Sermon by Reverend Kathryn Pyke

"Angels in the Wilderness"


Mark 1:9-15

Lord, have mercy (Lord, have mercy)

Christ, have mercy (Christ, have mercy)

Lord, have mercy  (Lord, have mercy)

As the deer pants for the water, so my soul longs after you;

You alone are my heart's desire and I long to worship you.

Live in charity and steadfast love.

Live in charity; God will dwell with you.